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"NGO Monitor executive director to testify at Knesset session"

(Jerusalem, June 11th 2007) Following NGO Monitors detailed analysis of the World Banks latest report on Israel, NGO Monitor Executive Director Gerald Steinberg will be giving testimony at a session of the Knessets Law & Constitution Committee. The session is due to take place at 3 PM on Tuesday 12 June and will focus on the World Banks report entitled Movement and Access Restrictions in the West Bank: Uncertainty and Inefficiency in the Palestinian Economy,

"NGO Monitor to Amnesty members: Resign over bias and abuse of Holocaust terminology"

(Jerusalem, June 4th 2007) Amnesty International (AI) today issued a report entitled "Enduring Occupation: Palestinians under siege in the West Bank," which provides more evidence of AIs strong political agenda on Arab-Israeli issues. This report also reinforces the unjustified boycott campaigns that delegitimize Israel and the right of self-defense. By participating in this campaign, the members of Amnesty International, including the Israeli branch, undermine the basis of universal human rights.

"NGO Monitor Welcomes Debate on Credibility of Btselem Report"

Yesterday, (May 6th 2007), BTselem and Hamoked issued a report entitled " Utterly forbidden: The Torture and Ill-Treatment of Palestinian Detainees". NGO Monitor reports have shown that both of these groups use human rights to promote political agendas. The Israel Ministry of Justice has departed from previous practice and released a detailed, nine page rebuttal of this report, which notes the following...

"Court Dismisses Frivolous Case Against NGO Monitor"

On January 17, 2007, a Texas Federal Court judge dismissed as wholly frivolous and baseless Palestine Childrens Welfare Fund (PCWF) Riad ElSolh Hamads defamation suit against NGO Monitor, Frontpage Jerusalem, the Center for Study of Popular Culture and others. Hamad charged the organizations had defamed him and violated his constitutional and civil rights linking him and his charity in newspaper and Internet articles to Islamic fundamentalist terror.

"Uncorroborated, Contradictory Information at Core of Amnesty International Report on Lebanon War: Report Fails to Name Israeli Civilian Casualties"

Vague, narrow interpretations of international law and unverifiable accounts contradicted by wartime media and UN reports form the foundation of Amnesty Internationals concluding report on this summers Lebanon War released Tuesday. In the report, Amnesty accuses Israel of indiscriminate attacks, deliberately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure and war crimes...

Showing 381-389 of 389