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NIF Funding for Molad: Violation of Guidelines against Partisan Support?

NGO Monitor Submussion to the UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

Norwegian Newspaper "VG"Publishes Letter vs. Mads GIlbert Signed by Prominent Doctors

International doctors express concern over Dr. Mads Gilbert´s exploitation of medical frameworks for promoting a personal political agenda.

Prof. Steinberg´s Letter to the Editor of the New York Times, December 10, 2014

Letter from Dr. Arthur Eidelman to Ombudsman of The Lancet

Prof. Steinberg´s Letter to the Editor of the New York Times, September 8, 2014

Gerald Steinberg asserts that the problematic impact of foreign government funding for political advocacy NGOs and think tanks is prevalent in the American and Israeli democratic processes alike.

Letter to the Editor of The Jerusalem Post Regarding Jewish Voice for Peace

UK's Response to NGO Monitor's Freedom of Information Request

NGO Monitor Letter in Response to Hamoked Petition

Questions on NIF's Social Justice Fellowship Program

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