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NGOs and the Economic War

Gerald Sternberg claims that the EU’s adoption of “product labeling” guidelines for Israeli settlements followed a long campaign involving highly biased and politicized NGOs, many of which are highly active in BDS campaigns and other forms of political warfare against the Jewish state.

November 29: The Day the UN Stands With the Palestinians and Demonizes Israel

Anne Herzberg and Rachel Hirshfeld claim that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People provides fuel for the virulent anti-Israel political warfare campaign that continues to gain momentum within the corridors of the UN.

Liberals, Israel, and the Lessons of History

Gerald Steinberg calls upon the newly-elected Liberal government of Canada to learn from the past and ensure that money is not granted to hostile anti-Israel NGOs, which fuel the conflict instead of promoting the values of peace and human rights

At CUNY, Students Blame Israel for Tuition Hikes

Yitzhak Santis discusses Students for Justice in Palestine´s virulently anti-Israel activities on college campuses, including linking a tuition hike in the CUNY system to its "Zionist administration," and notes the network of politicized NGOs that fund and support the group´s events.

Greasing the Wheels of Hate

Professor Gerald Steinberg and Gilad Segal call upon the European Union and European governments to cease their funding of Palestinian human rights organizations engaged in the incitement, justification, and glorification of terror attacks against Israelis.

Memo to the CBC: Israeli Lives Matter

Gerald Steinberg argues that the Canadian radio station CBC Radio, like most media outlets, focuses heavily on condemnations of Israeli actions and policies while ignoring the context of Palestinian terrorism.

Rockefeller ´peacebuilding´ grants incite Israel haters

Yona Schiffmiller calls upon the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to restrict its funding of politicized NGOs that, instead of promoting peace and justice, provide justifications for terrorism and support anti-Israel campaigns, prolonging the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On Europe, terrorism and demonizing Israel: Time for a reset

Gerald Steinberg calls upon the EU to drop the proposed policy of labeling products from the "territories," and to investigate its funding of NGOs that promote the demonization of Israel.

Do European taxpayers know how pro-Palestinian groups use their money?

Anne Herzberg demonstrates that funds going to politicized NGOs from European governments through the Human Rights Secretariat are being used to demonize Israel and erase the context of the current wave of Palestinian terrorism, justifying it as a "right of resistance"

Will Washington´s Archdiocese Sanction Theological Anti-Judaism?

Yitzhak Santis calls on the Archdiocese of Washington to disengage from the annual conference sponsored by the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, which will host numerous speakers who preach anti-Israel and antisemitic messages.

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