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Israeli Audience Gets a Taste of Jewish Voice for Peace’s Brand of Betrayal

Yitzhak Santis claims that betrayal is a strong word, but when a group of Diaspora Jews joins forces with Israel’s most extreme adversaries seeking to strip the Jewish people of the inalienable right to national self-determination there is no other word to describe such behavior.

Hamas is Set to Win a Seat at the United Nations Table

Gerald Steinberg claims that an ECOSOC vote for the Palestinian Return Centre is essentially a vote to let Hamas take a seat in the United Nations.

How the UN Report Shot Itself and Human Rights in the Foot

Gerald Steinberg claims that the latest UNHRC report overwhelmingly relies on unreliable sources of information, including politicized NGOs and individuals who support terrorism.

Analysis: UN Report Cherry-Picks Evidence to Fit NGOs’ Anti-Israel Narrative

Yona Schiffmiller maintains that the fact that the UN “Commission of Inquiry” found Physicians for Human Rights- Israel (PHR-I) to be a reliable source speaks volumes about the abject failure of that body to accurately report on the 2014 Gaza conflict.

Mads Gilbert and the Theater of the Absurd

THE UNHRC´s latest “report” includes a list of four “experts,” among whom is Dr. Mads Gilbert, a full-time propagandist from Norway who exploits medicine to promote hate.

Analysis: Another Outrageously Flawed Gaza Report

Gerlad Steinberg claims that the COI report on the 2014 Gaza War is written with the harsh ideological accusations of William Schabas, interspersed with the more reasonable caution of Mary McGowan Davis, as well as heavy reliance on biased and politicized NGOs with façades of “expertise”.

World Health Organization Blames Israel for Palestinian Ills

Yona Schiffmiller asserts that in order to effectively asses the state of Palestinian health in Gaza, the World Health Organization must base its analysis on facts and not contrived NGO distortions, admit Palestinian abuses of medical infrastructure, and remain focused on core issues of health without veering off to launch political attacks against Israel.

The Catholic connection to ‘L’Affaire d’Orange’

Fight Boycotts Through Funding

Lena Bakman maintains that the most immediately effective counter strategy to fight BDS and other forms of political warfare is to cut off the massive funding enjoyed by radical groups promoting anti-Israel initiatives worldwide.

Putting Israel on Trial at the Zurich ‘Kulturhaus’

Gerald Steinberg claims that by sponsoring Breaking the Silence´s theater of absurd, Swiss and Zurich officials are guilty of immoral behavior.

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