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Physician, Heal Thyself

Yitzhak Santis asserts that Richard Horton must apologize, retract the mendacious Gaza letter and decouple The Lancet institutionally from individuals and groups that forgoe medical ethics to vilify Israel.

World Council of Churches Presents: World Week for Release of Palestinian Terrorists

Rivka Hecht maintains that the WCC’s disguising of terrorists as “political prisoners” is an affront to the victims and to morality and amounts to nothing more than false prophecy.

Richard Horton´s War on Israel

Gerald Steinberg claims that while some mistakes can be corrected, some crimes can be forgiven, and some apologies can be accepted, the damage from the Lancet´s chronic and hate-filled political warfare is irreversible.

The Lancet’s Indefensible Defense of Antisemitic David Duke Promoters

Yitzhak Santis warns that if the Lancet´s Editor-in-Chief, Richard Horton, continues defending the promoters of vile antisemitic conspiracy theories, the medical journal will leave a legacy associated with bigotry of the worst kind.

Charity that exploits its high reputation for ethical work

´Breaking the Silence´ and Gaza

Gerald Steinberg claims that with the help of its European benefactors, Breaking the Silence will still be fighting the political war against Israel long after the military attacks have ended.

Exploiting the Holocaust to attack Israel is immoral

History Likely to Repeat Itself

Gerald Steinberg claims that Israel would be wise to remember the circumstances of the past while it braces for "Goldstone II" or the Schabas commission.

Jews abetting Hamas are no voice for peace

Yitzhak Santis claims that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) stands unmasked as anything but a voice for peace.

Schabas is the Perfect Choice for Goldstone 2

Anne Herzberg claims that given William Schabas´s anti-Israel record, it is no surprise that he was selected to draft a report that will undoubtedly conclude that Israel is guilty.

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