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Christmas Perverted

Yitzhak Santis asserts that the political warfare attacks against Israel this Christmas season were made possible by extensive governmental funding of highly politicized NGOs.

This is Driven by Politics, Not Pursuit of Justice

Medicine in the Service of Anti-Zionism

Yitzhak Santis asserts that if Lancet editor Richard Horton is serious about making amends, he should take serious steps that would signal a tangible policy change by The Lancet and its publisher, Reed Elsevier.

Legal Battles Are Nothing New

Gerald Steinberg claims that as the campaign to prosecute Israel at the ICC advances, the clash between Israel and the European supporters of the NGO network that continues to lead this legal warfare campaign will be no less dramatic than the battle inside the court.

Can Mogherini Repair EU-Israel Relations?

Gerald Steinberg claims that while it will take major effort and many years to restore positive EU-Israel relations, Ms. Mogherini has the opportunity to initiate long-overdue change to failed and often destructive policies.

Human Rights, European Money and the ICC Wars

Gerald Steinberg claims that a well-funded network of NGOs has long provided the political support for the Palestinian ICC initiative.

The EU’s Hamas Fiasco Exposes Broken System

Gerald Steinberg maintains that in order to fix the EU´s Mideast foreign policy failures, it will have to replace reliance on fringe ideological NGOs with experts, familiar with the complexities that go beyond myths and slogans.

On Journalists, Political Conflicts and NGOS

Gerald Steinberg asserts that when the media promotes the unchecked power of political groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty, and suppresses criticism of these NGOs, democracy is ill-served.

Human Rights Tragedes and Distortions

Does Israel Need the Nation State Law? Yes

Gerald Steinberg claims that anti-Zionist NGOs promote false allegations of "racism" and "discrimination" in an effort to reverse the definition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

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