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What B’Tselem does not know and refuses to admit

Gerald Steinberg explains that B'Tselem's response to the al-Samouni incident in the Gaza War shows that NGOs do not posses the expertise on the laws of armed conflict and asymmetric warfare that they claim.

Palestinian group funded by Australia backs UK boycott

The Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) is an active member of the Palestinian campaign to boycott Israel, and is funded by the Australian government, through AusAid’s funding program with World Vision Australia.

Recalling the Jenin ‘massacre’ libel

On the tenth anniversary of the Jenin "massacre" libel, Prof. Gerald Steinberg discusses its implications as an early manifestation of the Durban Strategy.

No peace in hidden agenda of aid agencies

Jason Edelstein explains that the Australian government is funding numerous NGOs in the region that demonize Israel and implement activities that make peace more difficult to achieve.

Second chance for NGOs

Naftali Balanson explains that if Israeli NGOs support the latest UN "fact finding" mission on Israel, as they did the Goldstone Report, they "will further alienate themselves from Israeli society and will cement their negative reputations."

Why is the NIF panicking?

Jason Edelstein and Gerald Steinberg call for a constructive dialogue on NGO funding and again ask to meet with NIF officials to discuss this important topic.

When the Kassams fall the NGOs are silent

Jason Edelstein discusses the failure of NGOs to uphold universal human rights and condemn the rocket attacks on Israel's southern cities.

We should now hear: ‘Israel’s democracy is working!’

Human Rights Watch’s Lost Credibility

Exploiting apartheid for political warfare

In advance of Israeli Apartheid Week, Prof. Steinberg explores how NGOs have cynically exploited apartheid rhetoric to libel Israel. This is the "antithesis of the mutual acceptance required for peace."

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