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The Wrong Way to Fight Foreign Meddling in Israel

Gerald Steinberg maintains that instead of problematic draft legislation, which is exploited to promote campaigns that demonize Israel as anti-democratic and anti-human rights, the government should produce a coherent and long-term strategy to defend Israel's sovereignty.

Some Jewish Questions for Rabbis Jacobs and Rosove

Peace Now Was Wrong to Exclude Einat Wilf

A Broad Tent is Not an Open Tent

Yitzhak Santis maintains that "Open Hillel" has a hidden political agenda. In its campaign, it is a partner with the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which seeks to gain entry into Hillels across the county to mainstream the BDS campaign against Israel.

Peace Now and the Facade of Democratic Debate

Gerald Steinberg asserts that in the black vs. white political world of Peace Now and its allies, which use the label but not the values of the “liberal progressive Left,” independent thinkers with complex political views are silenced.

Exploiting Israel’s Negev Bedouin

On ‘Open Tent’ Issue, Swarthmore Hillel Went Too Far

Economic Cooperation or Economic Warfare?

Jody Sieradzki maintains that Dutch leaders must examine the impact of policies that provide government funds to NGOs that promote activities such as BDS campaigns, which interfere with peace, economic cooperation, and development.

Medical NGOs´ Unhealthy Practice

Instead of promoting medical assistance on the basis of universality and political neutrality, medical NGOs and their representatives have become central players in the demonization of Israel.

Israel’s Negev Bedouin Challenge and the Exploitation of Human Rights

Emily Ziedman maintains that the detailed examination that is required in the context of the Negev Bedouin issue is not reflected in the activities and statements of political advocacy NGOs and their leaders.

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