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Europe's secret NGO wars: Who is anti-democratic?

Instead of proceeding to legislative proposals, says Prof. Gerald Steinberg, Knesset members should hold hearings and invite European officials to explain double standards and huge budgets for fringe Israeli political advocacy NGOs.

Two faces of anti-Semitism

Rachel Corrie play a test for free speech & accountability

Yitzhak Santis highlights the necessity of public debate about the radical agenda, goals, and campaigns of the International Solidarity Movement and its efforts to promote boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel.

This is not apartheid

Lena Abayev, deputy director of communications at NGO Monitor, talks about how easy it is for the world to use the word "apartheid" without full knowledge of the roots and usage of the term.

To heal Jewish-Christian rift, Church of Scotland’s ties with anti-peace groups must end

Yitzhak Santis argues that for true healing with the Jewish people, the Church of Scotland must sever its ties with radical anti-Israel Christian NGOs, such as Sabeel.

Campus divestment campaign is a political war on Israel

Prof. Gerald Steinberg explains that to defeat divestment campaigns, an aggressive proactive approach, which exposes the the immorality of the racist propaganda, and far more resources are required.

Human Rights Watch Spins Another Israel-hater Into a Hero

Hawking, Goldstone and political warfare

Prof. Steinberg explains the role of the NGO "Durban strategy" in Stephen Hawking´s decision to join the campaign to boycott Israel.

Are Your Taxes Abetting Church of Scotland’s Assault On Judaism?

Responding to the NGOs Durban Strategy: between engagement and confrontation

Prof. Gerald Steinberg analyzes the implications of the British Board of Deputies' partnership with Oxfam Great Britain, and predicts that future Oxfam statements attacking Israel will trigger a very divisive conflict within the Jewish community.

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