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The UN secretary-general and Mary Robinson’s Iranian debacle

Ban Ki-Moon’s planned attendance at a conference in Tehran recalls the preparation for the Durban Conference. In 2001, UN Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson authorized, planned and chaired a meeting in Iran, where Jews and Israelis were not granted visas to attend, and hate-filled texts were issued.

The Debate on Jew-Washing—Beyond Ideology

Gerald Steinberg and Yitzhak Santis continue the international discussion on "Jew-washing" -- Jews using their Jewishness to give token cover for BDS and even antisemitism.

What are you hiding? NGOs, funding and websites

Naftali Balanson discusses the importance of transparency and the phenomenon of NGOs scrubbing their websites.

On ‘Jew-Washing’ And BDS

Yitzhak Santis and Gerald Steinberg describe the phenomenon of Jewish activists providing cover for double standards, demonization, and antisemitism directed against Israel.

A process of engagement

The decision by Presbyterian Church (USA) to reject divestment was both moral and a fitting rebuff to the decade-old worldwide NGO political war that seeks to co-opt major Christian denominations to the anti-Israel cause.

Facing the Facts: On Human Rights, Bias, and Professional Standards

Prof. Steinberg recaps his remarks from the July 2 book launch of Best Practices, and highlights the contributions of keynote speaker Prof. Françoise Hampson, and panelists Amb. Robbie Sabel and Sigall Horowitz.

Amnesty’s moral compass is broken

The travesty that's Amnesty

The facade of expertise at Human Rights Watch

Gerald Steinberg challenges the white phosphorous claims of Human Rights Watch, highlighting the inherent lack of expertise regarding military operations and weapons.

Strategy to combat delegitimization good, could be better

Jason Edelstein argues for a more pro-active and expansive strategy to combat the delegitimization campaign against Israel.

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