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With Friends Like Norway

Anne Herzberg maintains that the Norwegian government continues to provide tens of millions of kroner to organizations that actively promote BDS, campaign against the right of the Jewish people to self determination, and seek to undermine the Oslo Framework.

Making Sense of the ´Pro-Israel´ Label

Gerald Steinberg asserts that the recognition of pro-Israel status is an issue of substance and the designation must be earned and displayed with pride.

Between Post-Zionism and Auto-Semitism

Why are Christians Funding Israel’s Anti-Zionist Fringe?

NGOs that Don’t Want Israel to Reach its 67th Year

Gerald Steinberg maintains that Israeli democracy is strong enough to tolerate fringe voices that demonize Zionism, but there is no excuse for the European governments that provide funds used to amplify their destructive agendas.

Why Does Germany Fund Demonization of Israel?

Gerald Steinberg maintains that instead of providing feeble and insensitive excuses, Germany has a fundamental and immediate responsibility to stop all support for the NGO political war demonizing Israel.

Passover and Recognizing the Jewish State

Gerald Steinberg maintains that the purpose of the Passover seder is to teach our children (and to remind ourselves) of our history and identity as a people and a nation.

EU Funding for Radical NGOs: A Record Far from Straight

Gerald Steinberg maintains that ambassador Faaborg-Andersen failed to address the particulars of EU funding for radical NGOs that are active in demonizing Israel.

Christ at the Checkpoint´s Government Enablers

Yitzhak Santis maintains that the Christ at the Checkpoint conference revives medieval theological antisemitism in its discussions of how to advance the Palestinian nationalist agenda within Evangelical churches.

No Free Speech for Zionists

Gerald Steinberg asserts that the waves of attacks against Israel and the multiple forms of demonization, particularly targeting young Jews and students, are unfolding on a battlefield that is far from even.

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