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Jews abetting Hamas are no voice for peace

Yitzhak Santis claims that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) stands unmasked as anything but a voice for peace.

Schabas is the Perfect Choice for Goldstone 2

Anne Herzberg claims that given William Schabas´s anti-Israel record, it is no surprise that he was selected to draft a report that will undoubtedly conclude that Israel is guilty.

El inaceptable silencio del mundo "humanitario" respecto de Hamás o cómo las ONG explotan el derecho internacional con el propósito de demonizar a Israel

Exploiting medicine for the politics of hate

Doctors for Terrorism

Gerald Steinberg claims that those who use their professional status and prestige to promote anti-Semitism and support terrorism are dishonoring the Hippocratic oath they took, vowing to "never do harm."

De eenzijdige veroordeling van Israël door NGOs

How Christian NGOs Fan the Flames of the Mideast Conflict

Yitzhak Santis asserts that that until Christian funding of anti-Israel NGOs comes to an end, no credence should be given to the claim of their acting on any kind of ethical prophetic voice.

How Europe´s Good Intentions Harm Gaza

Gerald Steinberg claims that before European calls for peace in the Mideast can be taken seriously, Brussels must become a more responsible player by keeping closer watch over whom and what it funds.

Terror tunnels, embargoes and human rights

Josh Bacon claims that the discovery of a Gaza terror tunnel network should cause NGOs and their European government funders to rethink their ongoing campaigns against Israeli policies.

The Faux ´Investigations´ of Human Rights Watch

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