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Doctors Without Borders Condemns Israel, Ignores Hamas War Crimes

Yona Schiffmiller argues that, contrary to its stated purpose as an international humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders has repeatedly violated its pledge of neutrality and engaged in anti-Israel political warfare.

The BDS Wars: Some Signs of Success for the New Year

Gerald Steinberg argues that, although there is still much room for improvement, international BDS and lawfare campaigns against Israel have waned over the last year, providing hope for the future.

The BDS Funding Paradox

Can Europe´s Leaders Halt the Obsession with Attacking Israel?

Gerald Steinberg illustrates the clear bias against Israel present in the rhetoric and actions of many European officials, and calls upon incoming leaders to adopt a new approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Calling Out BDS Anti-Semitism

Gerald Steinberg claims that BDS campaigns are clearly a form of discrimination based on double standards and singling out Israel, as the Jewish state, for attack.

Terrorists, Hunger Strikers and NGOs

Gerald Steinberg claims that a number of highly biased and politicized Israeli and Palestinian NGOs, funded by foreign governments, played a central role in advocating on behalf of Mohammed Allen, a long-time operative in Islamic Jihad.

EU Research Funds Wasted on Amnesty’s Hollywood-Style CSI Adventure

Gerald Steinberg maintains that an independent investigation is required to assess the European Research Council's funding to Forensic Architecture and its partnership with Amnesty International on the pseudo-scientific “Gaza Platform.”

Just Like Its Namesake, Amnesty´s CSI: Gaza is About Psuedo-Forensics

Naftali Balanson illustrates that by appropriating the CSI brand, Amnesty has unwittingly provided insight into the fundamental problems with its Gaza Platform, as well as the flawed NGO narrative about the 2014 Gaza war.

The Selling of BDS

Israeli Audience Gets a Taste of Jewish Voice for Peace’s Brand of Betrayal

Yitzhak Santis claims that betrayal is a strong word, but when a group of Diaspora Jews joins forces with Israel’s most extreme adversaries seeking to strip the Jewish people of the inalienable right to national self-determination there is no other word to describe such behavior.

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