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NGOs and the Return of Antisemitism

Gerald Steinberg claims that powerful NGOs that claim to promote human rights, as well as the European governments that fund them, play a central role in promoting antisemitism worldwide.

Publication of Israeli Soldiers´ Accounts Clouded by Political Agenda

Gerald Steinberg claims that the funders of Breaking the Silence are clearly interested in portraying the actions of IDF soldiers as criminal and callous, thereby hoping to pave the way for prosecutions targeting Israel at the International Criminal Court.

A Troubling Picture of UN Complicity in Palestinian War Crimes

Anne Herzberg maintains that while the BOI summary of the 2014 Gaza war lacks transparency, its mandate was generally even-handed, did not declare Israel guilty in advance and, even if unintentionally, refutes the predominant NGO narrative.

Times to Shame Europe

Itai Reuveni claims that the democratic debate is one of Israel´s greatest strengths, but the problem begins when outsiders, who represent foreign political interests, attempt to influence and manipulate the internal Israeli agenda.

Israelis Who Hate Israel—and the Christians Who Fund Them

Yitzhak Santis claims that a number of highly biased and politicized NGOs, funded by foreign Christian aid organizations, promote agendas that seek the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Revealed: The Anti-Israel Network Behind UN´s Gaza Investigation

Gerald Steinberg claims that the appropriate decision would be to disband the commission and expose the farcical activities of the UNHRC.

Schabas Keeps Demonizing Israel, Despite Ethics Violations

Gerald Steinberg claims that in order to divert attention from his ethical violations, Schabas’ primary response is to dress himself in the clothes of the victim of an Israeli-led conspiracy.

Jewish Voice for Peace Whitewashes Anti-Semitism in the Anti-Israel Movement

Yitzhak Santis maintains that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) associates with radical organizations because they share the same goal: Israel’s demise.

Send the ICC to Argentina

Gerald Steinberg asserts that while the ICC has long been exploited to promote partisan agendas, an independent ICC investigation and prosecution of the murder of Alberto Nisman would belatedly fulfill the Court’s purpose.

NGO Silence on PLO Terror Verdict

Anne Herzberg maintains that while one would expect human rights and international justice NGOs and activists, who have campaigned on universal human rights issues for decades, to support the landmark decision of Sokolow v. PLO, their silence speaks volumes.

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