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The EU’s Self-congratulating “External” NGO Evaluation

The EIDHR allocates EU funds to civil society organizations that "promote democracy and human rights in third countries." A recent EIDHR evaluation that seeks to identify areas for improvement fails to fulfill its mandate of independently assessing the instrument's effectiveness by primarily consulting with a narrow segment of stakeholders, most of which have an obvious vested interest.

Amnesty International from Gaza to Mosul: Handcuffing Western Democracies Engaged in Urban Warfare

Amnesty International has condemned the actions taken by the governments of Israel and Iraq in fighting Hamas and Hezbollah, and ISIS, respectively, referring to them as "disproportionate" and "indiscriminate." These accusations are legally and morally flawed, and reflect Amnesty's trying to limit the ability of Western democracies to combat asymmetric warfare.


NGO Monitor Statement on George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

In response to the recent debate over George Soros' Open Society Foundations ,NGO Monitor reiterates its position that it opposes any restrictive legislation that goes beyond transparency, while condemning the problematic funding of the OSF.