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In their own words“The objective of Intal is to build a counter narrative to eliminate obstacles to populations realizing their right to health. To do this, Intal has developed a large movement that brings together professionals and young activists in a network. It collaborates with other popular movements in the south that work towards freedom and development.”


Intal does not provide funding information, reflecting a lack of transparency.


  • Argues that the organization “stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their battle against the occupation and for the right of return.”
  • Desires a “just peace in the Middle East” based on the end of Zionism as the State of Israel’s ideology, a right of return for Palestinian refugees, and “the end of Israel as a Jewish state in which the Jews have a majority.”
  • Continues to campaign against G4S, to end Belgian cooperation with the company over the latter’s work in Israel.
  • In 2009, urged Muslims to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan, advertising such with a poster of “bleeding” dates. The campaign was reminiscent of medieval antisemitic “blood libel” accusations.
  • Runs an “Embargo” campaign, which aims to end arms trade, research, funding, and cooperation between Belgium and Israel. Organized a Nakba Day protest in 2013 as part of the campaign.
  • In 2013, hosted a demonstration in front of the European Commission against investments in Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. Participants in the demonstration lay on the floor covered in fake blood.
  • Hosts an annual bike ride through Brussels to draw attention to the alleged “lack of Israel’s respect for international law.”
  • Vice President of Intal Mario Franssen also serves as the spokesperson for the Dexia Bank divestment campaign. Franssen appeared at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, a pseudo-legal framework for demonizing Israel, as a “witness” against Dexia.
  • In an interview, Franssen noted that though he “supports a broader boycott campaign against all of Israel, he and his colleagues came to the conclusion that this would be an unwise strategy. ‘Focusing on Israel would limit very much our ability to rally many groups around the campaign,’ he said. ‘That’s why we decided to focus on the Occupation.’”
  • Advocates against the illegality of BDS campaigns.
  • Also active on issues relating to the Congo, Cuba, Laos, the Philippines, and Latin America.

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