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  • According to Belgian officials, the Belgian government no longer provides direct funding to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs. However, the government funds a number of political Belgian NGOs, which transfer funds to local political advocacy NGOs.
  • Indirect Belgian funding to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs is provided through Belgian NGOs, such as the Catholic group Broedelijk Delen, Oxfam, and other frameworks which receive large-scale government funding from the Directorate-general Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD).

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Direct Belgian Funding

  • According to its 2015 annual report, the Development Cooperation of Belgium provided €8,470,771 to the West Bank and Gaza. The majority of this funding went to UNRWA (€6.25 million) and the remainder to Oxfam and NRC.
  • Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) received $1,342,282 from Belgium in 2015.

 Indirect Funding to Israeli/Palestinian Political NGOs

Information on Israeli NGOs for 2013 was taken from annual reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits; 2015-2016 from quarterly reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits.

NGO Funding source20172016201520142013*
ZochrotBroederlijk DelenNIS 102,672NIS 166,472€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)NIS 229,979
Breaking the SilenceBroederlijk DelenNIS 273,680NIS 177,533€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)NIS 262,102
GishaBroederlijk DelenNIS 252,028NIS 712,949€60,000 (including €48,000 from DGD)NIS 284,143
AdalahBroederlijk DelenNIS 211,829NIS 211,341€50,000 (including €40,000 from DGD)NIS 214,017
Women’s Center for Legal Aid and CounselingBroederlijk DelenN/A€60,000 (including €48,000 from DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)€30,000
Defense for Children International – PalestineBroederlijk DelenN/A€40,000 (including €34,000 from DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)€20,000
Health Work Committees (HWC)Oxfam-Solidarité€123,388€137,850€367,850
Parents Circle Families ForumBroederlijk DelenN/A€20,000€20,000N/A
BimkomOxfam-SolidaritéNIS 478,728
Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)Oxfam-Solidarité €260,154Not transparentNot transparentNot transparent
Palestinian Medical Relief Services (PMRS)Oxfam-Solidarité €87,600€45,462€214,338
Health Work Committees and Union of Health Workers CommitteeOxfam-Solidarité €63,034€35,549€157,227
MA’AN DevelopmentSolidarité SocialisteNot transparentNot transparentNot transparent

*Detailed information on these grants is not provided by Broederlijk Delen for 2013. Broederlijk Delen’s list of projects supported in 2013 states that it funded Adalah, Breaking the Silence, Defense for Children International – Palestine Section, Gisha, HaMoked, WCLAC, and Zochrot, with a total of €320,513.

Broederlijk Delen

  • Brussels-based Broederlijk Delen, a Catholic development and peace organization, is a major funder of numerous highly politicized NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • In 2015, the DGD provided nearly €5 million to Broederlijk Delen, including €272,000 for Broederlijk Delen’s projects in “Israel/Palestine” (see above).
  • Broederlijk Delen was a signatory to the 2012 NGO report “Trading Away Peace” that repeats the BDS agenda, calling on the EU and individual European governments to impose various forms of economic sanctions on Israel.
  • Supports the “Made in Illegality” project, a settlement boycott campaign based in Belgian and France.


  • Oxfam International is an international NGO which claims to work on poverty-related issues. Oxfam-Solidarité is the Belgian branch of Oxfam International.
  • In 2014, Oxfam-Solidarité received €1,149,077 from the Belgian government for work in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.
  • Oxfam-Solidarité partners with Health Work Committee and Union of Health Work Committees, Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), and Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). Oxfam-Solidarité does not release funding information.
  • In 2003, Oxfam in Belgium produced a poster of an “Israeli orange” dripping with blood to promote anti-Israel boycotts. The caption read: “Israeli fruits have a bitter taste…reject the occupation of Palestine, don’t buy Israeli fruits and vegetables.” Following protest initiated by NGO Monitor over the antisemitic “blood libel” overtones, Oxfam withdrew the campaign.
  • Oxfam-Solidarité states that “Recognition by Israel of ethnic cleansing of 1948 would be a positive first step to solve a problem 60 years old and for the recognition of the right of return of refugees.”

Solidarité Socialiste

  • In 2013, Solidarité Socialiste received €312,177 from the Belgian government for activities to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.
  • Solidarité Socialiste helped launch “Made in Illegality,” a settlement boycott campaign in Belgium and France.
  • Solidarité Socialiste accuses Israel of “systematically [seeking] to exercise control over Palestine, sporadically occupying its territories and regulating the circulation of its residents and goods.” Solidarité Socialiste describes the Palestinian economy as “an economy of occupation,” and states that “the wall had the effect to paralyze the economy of the Palestinian territories.”
  • Solidarité Socialiste funds Ma’an Development Center and others. Solidarité Socialiste does not disclose how much funding was provided.

Geneeskunde voor de Derde Wereld (G3W, Medicine for the Third World, United for Health, Médicine Pour le Tiers Monde)

  • In 2014, G3W received €216,054 from the Belgian government for activities in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.
    • G3W’s budget in 2014 for the West Bank and Gaza was €152,588 (2013: €131,693).
  • Local partners include Health Works Committee and United Health Works Committee (same as Oxfam-Solidarité). It is unclear how much was transferred to each NGO. In the wake of the 2014 Gaza War, the group raised €65,000 for UHWC.
  • In a 2013 publication, bearing the Belgium Development Cooperation logo, the organization stated: “One of the most flagrant examples of how a sovereign state has been undermined is the decades-long occupation and colonization of Palestine, which began in 1948 when Palestinians were driven en masse from their villages in what is now Israel.” (emphasis added)
  • The organization is a signatory of the BDS Movement’s statement urging a Belgian firm to abandon an Israeli port building project. It also supports an arms embargo against Israel, stating, “our country cannot support the occupation of Palestine, by illegal colonists, with sales or purchases of arms with Israel.”

NGOs indirectly funded by the Belgian government through the above frameworks

  • Zochrot received NIS 98,053 in 2015 and €40,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen. The 2014 funding includes €32,000 from DGD. Zochrot seeks to “raise public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba […] The memory and responsibility that the Jewish public should take on the Palestinian Nakba are basic conditions to peace between people, but it is not enough. Along with it, the rights of the refugees to return must be accepted.” This agenda is equivalent to calling for the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Zochrot also accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “forcible displacement and dispossession of the Palestinian people.”
  • Breaking the Silence received NIS 108,007 in 2015 and €40,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen. The 2014 funding includes €32,000 from DGD. BtS is highly active in the international demonization and delegitimization campaign against Israel, promoting “war crimes charges” based on anonymous and unverifiable “testimonies” of low-level soldiers who have served in the West Bank and Gaza. Despite its claims to address Israeli society, BtS’ lobbying and media advocacy campaigns focus primarily on international audiences.
  • Gisha received NIS 610,140 in 2015 and €60,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen. The 2014 funding includes €48,000 from DGD. While claiming to promote the “right of Palestinians to freedom of movement,” Gisha advocates for the elimination of restrictions on Hamas-controlled Gaza; erases or minimizes context of Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s right to self-defense.
  • Adalah received NIS 42,912 in 2015 and €50,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen. The 2014 funding includes €40,000 from DGD. Rejects the legitimacy of the Jewish state, while attempting to portray it as inherently racist and discriminatory
  • Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC) received €40,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen, including €32,000 from DGD. WCLAC signed the “call” for BDS. In its submission to the UN Commission on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, WCLAC neglected to discuss women’s rights issues inside Israel, as well as incidents of violence against women in Palestinian society such as honor killings. Instead WCLAC focused primarily on blaming Israel for women’s rights issues in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Defense for Children International – Palestine received €40,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen, including €32,000 from DGD. DCI-P is highly active in anti-Israel political campaigns, including BDS; promoting a Palestinian “right of return”; and lobbying the UN, EU, and other international bodies to promote an anti-Israel agenda.
  • Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF) received €20,000 in 2014 from Broederlijk Delen. PCFF activities promote a highly biased view of the conflict based on the Palestinian narrative, and morally equate terror victims and terrorists.
  • Health Work Committees (HWC), Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) and Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) –HWC and UHWC received undisclosed funding from Oxfam-Solidarité and Geneeskunde voor de Derde Wereld. UAWC received undisclosed funding from Oxfam-Solidarité. In February 2014, Shurat HaDin accused the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) and Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) of affiliation with the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization. Oxfam Solidarité funds UHWC projects in Gaza. Health Work Committees works in the West Bank.
  • Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) received undisclosed funding from Oxfam-Solidarité. PMRS ’s mission statement reveals that the organization’s primary goal is advocacy and political change, for which “health” serves as a vehicle. According to PMRS, “Health is viewed as an entry point for social change and community development.”
  • Ma’an Development Center received undisclosed funding from Solidarité Socialiste. Ma’an Development Center accused Israel of “actively driv[ing] Palestinian children to leave school, give up on their dreams, and prematurely enter the labor force as poorly paid laborers in Israeli settlements” thereby “actively violating international law through their exploitation of Palestinian children.” The organization published “Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions: Lessons learned in effective solidarity,” a guide to grassroots and international BDS campaigns.

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