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Ma'an News Agency (MNA) / Ma'an Network


In their own words“An integral part of Ma'an Network, a non-profit media organization founded in 2002 to strengthen professional independent media in Palestine, build links between local, regional and international media, and consolidate freedom of expression and media pluralism as keys to promoting democracy and human rights.”



  • Publishes articles in Arabic and English.
  • Claims to “scrupulously maintain[] its editorial independence and aims to promote access to information, freedom of expression, press freedom, and media pluralism in Palestine.”
  • According to its website, “MNA strives to convey a multi-dimensional picture of life in Palestine to a global audience, and to provide a forum for Palestinians to address the international community.”

Political Advocacy

  • Acts as a platform for tendentious anti-Israel statements,  regularly presenting an entirely biased and distorted view of the conflict based solely on the Palestinian narrative of victimization and sole Israeli aggression, while also publicizing material from radical NGOs. Features analyses and commentary, accusing Israel of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “massacres,” “human rights violations,” acting with “impunity” and maintaining a “system of segregation and apartheid”; refers to terrorism as “resistance.”
  • Publicized a September 13, 2015 analysis, “Burned alive by Israelis,” which claims that “While Holocaust deniers are jailed in Europe, in Israel Jewish proponents of ‘new shoah’… roam free.”
  • Publicized a September 18, 2015 analysis (“In Jerusalem, ‘religious war’ is used to cloak colonialism”), written by Nur Arafeh of Al Shabaka, who claims that “Palestinian clashes with Israeli Jews should be seen as acts of resistance and desperation within the larger historical struggle of Palestinians against occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, land theft, dispossession, forced displacement, and economic marginalization.” Arafeh continues to claim that “Judaization has been accompanied by ‘de-Palestinianization’ to eradicate the Palestinian identity in Jerusalem.” He urges that the boycott of Israeli goods is “a moral duty for every Palestinian” and that the BDS movement and “the pressure this imposes on Israel worldwide should be maintained and intensified.”
  • Following the 2014 Gaza war, produced a highly emotive propaganda video, funded by the IHL Secretariat (joint funding from Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands). While the project funding was intended to generally promote “reform of government institutions abusing human rights,” Ma’an instead used it for one-sided political warfare attacks against Israel. The video portrays Israel as the sole perpetrator of violent attacks, while omitting the numerous Hamas war crimes against Israeli civilians and intra-Palestinian human rights violations.
  • Published an April 7, 2014 interview conducted by Frank Barat, one of the former coordinators of the Russel Tribunal on Palestine, with Leila Khaled, a PFLP terrorist and airline hijacker. In the interview, Khaled advocates for “all kinds of resistance. Nonviolent and violent… I am OK with using all means of resistance. We cannot say that non-violent resistance alone will achieve our rights.” Khaled goes on to claim: “We are facing an apartheid State, Zionism as a movement, the Americans, and in general, the West, which supports Israel. When the balance of forces changes, then we can start thinking about negotiating… The struggle is about ending Israel’s settler colonial project.”
  • Published a February 9, 2014 analysis, “US BDS activism reaches the third rail,” claiming that “Israel is often called the third rail of US politics. This means both that support for Israel powers US politics and also that anyone who dares to question it will pay the price.” The article goes on to allege that the “Israel lobby” and “shared US-Israeli imperial foreign policy agenda” are the reasons why the BDS movement has “lagged behind that of many European countries.”
  • Published an article commemorating the Palestinian “Nakba” [Arabic for “catastrophe,” referring to the establishment of the state of Israel], claiming that the “combination of Israeli state practices, laws, and policies seeks to achieve the displacement and dispossession of the indigenous Palestinian population, exerting complete control through a system of apartheid and occupation.” The article goes on to accuse Israel of conducting an “international crime against humanity,” and calls on the international community to take action in order to bring Israel’s “impunity for these crimes [] to an end.”
  • Published an October 10, 2015 article (“Stop talking about an intifada: Israel’s occupation must end”), by Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who alleged that the recent wave of terror attacks “are symptoms of this reality of occupation, colonization and Apartheid that Israel has imposed over Palestine.”

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