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Denmark to Allocate Another $8 million to Radical Anti-Peace NGOs

The Danish government will announce an additional $8.3 million to the IHL Secretariat, a joint funding mechanism that distributes a large portion of its budget as core funding to radical Palestinian NGOs that incite violence and terrorism, are active in BDS campaigns, and engage in legal warfare against Israel.


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How European Taxpayers are Funding Incitement to Violence

A new report documents a highly disturbing pattern of European government funding to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that legitimize violent attacks against civilians and incite violence. As highlighted by Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor, the messages propagated by these organizations directly contradict the foreign policy goals of their funders, and resonate in a global context of rising populism that rewards extremism, fear-mongering, and incitement.

Swedish Government Funds Latest BDS Initiative in France

As shown by NGO Monitor research, a report published today by a coalition of French and Palestinian pro-BDS organizations that calls on the French government to “pressure” French financial institutions to divest from Israeli banks, communication, insurance, and utility companies, is funded by the Swedish government.


Statement in Response to the National Service Law

NGO Monitor reiterates its long-held opposition to restrictive legislative approaches following the passing of a law revoking national-service positions in organizations that receive the majority of their funding from foreign governments.

Background: Human Rights Watch’s Political War Against Israel

In response to the Israeli government denial of a work visa for its new hire, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is pushing a self-serving image as a professional and apolitical player in the Arab-Israeli conflict. In contrast, the evidence clearly shows that both the individual in question and the organization are deeply implicated in BDS and other forms of political warfare against Israel.

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New Interactive NGO Foreign Funding Database

As a resource for journalists, diplomats, decision makers, and the general public, NGO Monitor has launched an interactive database that allows easy access and analysis of NIS 235 million of foreign government funding from 2012-2016 to Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are active in the Arab-Israeli conflict

Showing 1-10 of 332