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Sweden: NGO Network Blocks NGO Monitor from Speaking, Presenting Research

NGO Monitor was invited and scheduled to present our research as part of the Globala Torget forum in conjunction with the Gothenburg Book Fair, together with the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association and groups that present different views. But under the facade of promoting human rights, representatives of 21st Century cancel-culture claim a right to select “good” Jews, and to silence those they see as "bad” Jews.

NGO Monitor Calls on UNHRC President to Exercise his Authority and Convene a Special Assessment to Review the COI Mandate

NGO Monitor's legal advisor and UN expert Anne Herzberg and barrister Joshua Kern of 9BR Chambers have co-authored a letter to United Nations Human Rights Council President Federico Villegas calling on him to initiate an assessment of the UNHRC’s Commission of Inquiry on Israel for violations of the mandate and UN codes of conduct.


Statement: Marking 20 Years of the NGO “Durban Strategy”

On September 22, the UN General Assembly will mark twenty years since the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001, hosting the fourth such event (“Durban IV”). The original conference, and particularly its virulently antisemitic NGO Forum, was a major catalyst for delegitimization campaigns against Israel, such as BDS, lawfare, and other forms of political warfare.


New report on Israel-Gaza conflict reveals NGOs labeled terrorist deaths as 'civilian'

A new report by NGO Monitor details 50 incidents from the May 2021 Gaza conflict in which members of terror groups, such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were listed as “civilian casualties” by NGOs. The report is accompanied by an interactive system, showing details about each case and revealing the misinformation hidden by NGOs.

NGO Monitor Event Marks 20 Years Since Durban Conference

Marking twenty years since the UN Durban Conference, NGO Monitor hosted an event titled "20 Years of Hijacking Human Rights - The Lasting Impact of Durban." The event brought together experts who discussed the enduring influence of the original Durban conference and NGO campaign to delegitimize Israel.

Showing 11-20 of 395