Following Amnesty International’s release of its Annual Report, Jamie Weinstein, a Collegiate Network Fellow, claims that "instead of maintaining a worldwide scope and focusing on the gravest human rights abuses, Amnesty disproportionately targets one country: the United States."

Weinstein uses a quantitative method similar to the methodology developed by NGO Monitor to analyze Amnesty International’s reports for 2006. He compares the number of documents published about the USA by Amnesty International with other countries known for the gravity of their human rights abuses, including genocide. He comes to the conclusion that "Amnesty produced more country reports on the United States than on Cuba, Syria, North Korea, the Palestinian Authority, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia combined. Sudan, which stands accused of perpetrating genocide, was criticized in five fewer reports than the U.S." This is consistent with NGO Monitor’s findings in its report on Amnesty International’s activities for 2006, that Amnesty International is biased against Israel and invests more of its human and fiscal resources on condemning Israel than any other country in the Middle East.

This disproportionate focus on free, democratic states indicates that Amnesty International does not apply an objective standard to all countries worldwide and is ineffective in defending those who truly suffer from human rights violations.

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