In a wide-ranging interview with Frontpage Magazine, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld discusses a number of issues regarding anti-Israel bias and opinion in Europe in general and the Netherlands in particular, including Dutch government funding of anti-Israel NGOs. 


"…[In 2004] the left conservative [Dutch] weekly Opinio offered me to write a number of columns exposing Dutch bias against Israel…the Dutch government was co-financing the Dutch Roman Catholic NGO Cordaid. It had together with another pro-Palestinian Roman Catholic group Pax Christi, in June, before the visit of Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen to the Middle East, initiated a pro-Palestinian public statement calling on the Dutch government to break the stalemate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The statement astutely complained about 40 years of occupation, while it remained silent about 75 years of genocidal intent and murder attempts by the Palestinian Arabs.

Among the 52 prominent Dutch citizens, mainly well-known pro-Palestinians, who signed the call there were a number of former Dutch government ministers who had been involved in the disastrous decisions on the Dutch Army’s role in Srebrenica. I wrote ‘These individuals are shameless enough to consider themselves particularly qualified for helping to move the Middle East conflict in the interest of a crime-infested Palestinian society.’ The column also mentioned that according to reports from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Cordaid had been indirectly involved in co-financing the largest anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hate campaign of the 21st Century, the UN World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa. I suggested in vain that Dutch parliamentarians should ask their governments questions on the matter."

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