Israeli Left Dupes of Demopaths


"CAMERA discovered that Gush Shalom Falsely Accuses Israel of Killing 5-year-old — In an advertisement in Ha’aretz Friday (April 11), Gush Shalom falsely accuses Israel of having killed a five-year-old, Abdallah Bahar. … But, as the Palestinian Center for Human Rights documents in an April 8 release entitled ‘Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups and Security Personnel,’ Behar was killed by a Palestinian mortar shell which accidentally hit near his house."

Meantime, as … NGO Monitor pointed out…, B’Tselem still lists Muhammad al Durah as slain by the Israelis.

"Date of Incident 30/09/2000 Name: Muhammad Jamal Muhammad a-Dura age: 12 sex: M Citizenship: Palestinian Residence: al-Bureij Refugee Camp, Deir al-Balah Location of Event: in Netzarim Junction, Killed while fighting?: No Cause of Death: Gunfire Notes: Killed during clashes. His father tried to protect him."