Mrs. Cilly Kugelmann

Vice Director
Jewish Museum Berlin
Lindenstraße 9-14
Berlin 10969

23 March, 2007

Dear Mrs. Kugelmann,

RE: Human Rights Watch / Darfur Campaign

I am writing concerning the Berlin Jewish Museum campaign; "Darfur: Crimes Against Humanity" . While I congratulate the Jewish Museum of Berlin for promoting public awareness of the horrors bring perpetrated in Sudan, the cooperation and legitimization given to Human Rights Watch (HRW) is problematic.

As demonstrated in NGO Monitor’s carefully documented research and analysis, (, HRW has consistently promoted a highly politicized agenda against the State of Israel, through distorting and manipulating human rights issues.   HRW’s false reporting, and its campaigning, including its active participation in the 2001 Durban Conference, and calls for sanctions and boycotts of Israel, are part of the demonization process.   Furthermore, the unjustified condemnations of Israeli actions through the use of terms such as "war crimes" and "collective punishment" constitute an abuse of the language arising from the Holocaust.

I enclose an analysis on HRW’s activities during the recent war in Lebanon for your information.

I look forward to your comments.  




Prof. Gerald Steinberg
Executive Director
NGO Monitor
Jerusalem , Israel




Dear Prof. Steinberg,


The Jewish Museum Berlin had initiated the Darfur week whereas HRW’s role was to cooperate with us, as did a large number of other NGO’s. One of our principal aim was to raise public awareness in Germany of the tragedy of Darfur and to urge greater concrete efforts on the part of Germany toward a solution of this human tragedy.

In this regard we have made it clear that the Jewish Museum Berlin takes no position regarding specific policy proposals advocated by HRW or others.

We understand your concerns about their position regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Their support of our Darfur week should not be construed as implying any association of the Jewish Museum Berlin with their position in other matters.


Sincerely, Cilly Kugelmann

Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Stellvertretende Direktorin/
Deputy Director
Lindenstr. 9-14
D-10969 Berlin