A year after the creation of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to replace the discredited UN Human Rights Commission, Reporters Without Borders today voiced deep concern about the new body’s functioning and, in particular, the obstructionist manoeuvres by member countries that are the worst human rights violators.

“The mandates for the special rapporteurs for Cuba and Belarus, two of the world’s worst press freedom predators, were not renewed,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This is extremely disturbing and is indicative of the state of mind in which the Human

“We have seen endless wheeling and dealing between council members that finally led to what most observers described as an ‘acceptable compromise.’ The resolution on working procedures presented at the last moment on the initiative of the council’s president, Luis Alfonso de Alba, may have saved some face. But the fact remains that the council is already limping, before it has begun to walk. Everything still remains to be done, and human rights meanwhile continue to be violated with complete impunity… Click here for full article