‘Human rights organizations will have a tougher time now persuadingthe High Court of Justice to overturn a provisional law prohibitingPalestinian men under the age of 35 and women under 25 from living in Israel with their Israeli spouses after the latest suicide bomb plot by Hamas. A car carrying 100 kg. of explosives was driven across the seam line from Kalkilya to Tel Aviv and back again to Kalkilya by a Palestinian married to an Israeli woman. As a result of Israel’s family reunification policies, the suspect enjoyed residential status in Israel and therefore carried a blue identity card, allowing him to pass through IDF checks….On March 21, 2007, the law was amended again and extended until July 2008. The current law provides a humanitarian committee to consider exceptional requests for family reunification from women under 25 and men under 35, but toughens the security criteria and extends the restrictions to spouses from countries classified as enemy…..InMay, the High Court narrowly rejected a petition to overrule it in its second version. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On and the Israeli-Arab rights group Adalah have already declared they will petition against the newly amended law.’

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See: ‘NGOs Condemn Court Ruling on "Citizenship and Entry to Israel Law" ‘, NGO Monitor, June 12, 2006

‘NGOs Condemn Israel for Citizenship Rules, Ignoring Context and Impact’, NGO Monitor Digest (Vol.1 No.12), August 20, 2003