Tom Gross

Tom Gross is a British-born journalist, international affairs commentator and human rights activist. He was formerly Jerusalem correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News, and before that Prague correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. His opinion and commentary articles have appeared in a broad range of publications, from more liberal newspapers (The Guardian) to more conservative ones (The Wall Street Journal).

He has written extensively about human rights worldwide from North Korea to Mauritania and criticized the UN for not doing more to promote freedom. He has conducted various on stage interviews, including with a French hostage kidnapped by Islamic State in Syria, a Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria, and with the wife of the imprisoned Saudi liberal blogger Raif Badawi.

Mr. Gross is an expert on the way fake news impacts on real news and political policymaking.

Tom Gross on NGO Monitor: “The public could be forgiven for presuming that NGOs concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict play a constructive role, helping efforts towards peace and reconciliation. But this is often not the case. The actions of some NGOs even stoke the conflict and provoke violence. NGO Monitor plays a vital role in holding such damaging NGOs (and the governments that fund them) to account.”