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"Basic human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being increasingly violated in Israel, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said in its annual report published on Sunday. A new report regarding discrimination in Israel paints grim picture of human rights ‘The report points to extremely worrisome trends at the center of which are violations of the most elementary human rights – regarding health, a life of dignity, education, housing, equality, freedom from racism, freedom of expression, privacy and democracy,’ the authors wrote." "Regarding the right to equality, ACRI wrote, ‘The discrimination in services, budgets and access to natural resources between the two groups (Israelis and Palestinians) living in the territory constitutes a gross violation of the principle of equality which is reminiscent, in many and increasing ways, of the apartheid regime in South Africa.’"

See also "Civil rights group claim Israeli occupation is ‘reminiscent of apartheid,’" Ben Lynfield, The Independent, December 7, 2008.


"The group decided to drop its previous reluctance to use the South Africa comparison, often invoked by those pressing for an international boycott of Israel, because ‘things are getting worse rather than better’ according to spokeswoman Melanie Takefman."