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"Corkery and other KAIROS officials outright deny that the agency favours a boycott of Israel or advocates divesting funds from Israeli corporations." "KAIROS is intimately aligned with other groups, internationally, that have aggressively called for economic and academic boycotts against Israel. The most notable of these is the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Center of Jerusalem, a Palestinian Christian organization dismissed by its critics as a "fraudulent peace group" with a "racist road show." Indeed, in 2005 KAIROS was among the co-sponsors that hosted a controversial Sabeel conference in Toronto on "Morally Responsible Investment" (MRI), which is another way of saying disinvestment, which is another way of saying targeted boycott. In a strategy paper on "economic advocacy measures" published last year – its contents approved by the executive – KAIROS reiterated Israel’s right to a secure homeland, called for a two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders, insisted that KAIROS was not advocating for either sanctions or a boycott of products from Israel, and then devoted much of the document’s 29 pages to exploring how limited sanctions and a targeted boycott might be undertaken and intensified by member churches, holding up initiatives already adopted by the likes of the United Church of Canada."