The hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners is already a farce. Marwan Barghouti, convicted murderer and terrorist leader, who is the public face of the hunger strike, has been caught on camera sneaking food.

And who can blame him? The bulk of the demands are absurd, with most revolving around removing restrictions on visitation and phone calls – as if Palestinian security prisoners are not terrorists who might want to smuggle in contraband or continue to plan terror attacks. My personal favorite is the demand to essentially determine Israeli policy on who to allow into the country from Gaza.

Enter Amnesty International (along with the Israeli branch of the organization), which has joined the social media campaign under the hashtags “SaltwaterChallenge” and “dignitystrike.” This campaign is the brainchild of Aarab Marwan Barghouti, son the aforementioned terrorist, and has been led by various pro-BDS groups including Jewish Voice for Peace and BDS Movement.

The adoption of Palestinian propaganda and participation in anti-Israel political campaigns are typical for Amnesty. As are Amnesty’s claims that reduced number of family visits violate international law, when those visits were coordinated by the Red Cross, which reduced the number due to low interest. Israel is also permitted, based on security concerns, to prevent individuals from Gaza from entering Israel – including for the purpose of visiting terrorist-prisoners.

Unfortunately, the hunger strike farce is just the beginning. With the approaching 50th anniversary of the Six Day War in early June, Amnesty’s involvement in the Palestinian political agenda is expected to intensify.