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Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) believes that his organization alone determines the moral compass for human rights (“RHR’s Ascherman says human rights groups are under fire,” May 10, 2011). He accuses the research institution that I head, NGO Monitor, of publishing reports in which “facts are not checked.” Ascherman provides no evidence for this completely false claim. Like other heads of politicized non-governmental organization (NGOs), Ascherman is uncomfortable when self-proclaimed “human rights” groups are held accountable for their actions and rhetoric. His response demonstrates that he has much to learn about morality and Jewish values. While Ascherman uses the title of rabbi in promoting his ideology and defaming substantive critics in NGO Monitor’s systematic research, he has violated the commandment against bearing false witness.

Prof. Gerald Steinberg

President, NGO Monitor