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"As this BBC report suggests, investigating war crimes in the Israel-Gaza conflict is a pretty much hopeless task because there is no single entity with the expertise, knowledge, and legitimacy to find out the “truth.”  Any investigation, whether it is the UN or the ICC or Human Rights Watch, will be simply dismissed by the two sides as biased.  So I rashly predict that there will be no international investigation.  This leaves us with the national mechanisms, which is what UN Secretary-General Ban has said is the proper level of investigation. But this means, in effect, that only Israelis are subject to law of war-enforcement measures. Israel at least has a mechanism for conducting investigations of its own people who might have committed war crimes  Its armed forces are governed by the law of war and its armed forces are subject to military command and control as well as civilian judicial review.  Indeed, if it were subject to ICC jurisdiction, Israel would have a decent case for claiming to have fulfilled its duty to investigate and punish war crimes committed by its nationals or on its territory."