Bolivia’s invitation to B’Tselem to address the UN Security Council on Thursday (October 18) reflects the privileged access that certain non-governmental organizations (NGOs) receive at the United Nations. B’Tselem should not be proud of this opportunity, given Bolivia’s dismal human rights record.

Director Hagai El-Ad reportedly told Israeli media that B’Tselem “want[s] the international community to do something differently here,” and he has previously called for “decisive international action.” B’Tselem’s presentations in UN and European forums over the past two years have clearly supported punitive measures against Israel, including based on Resolution 2234. B’Tselem has neither the legal nor fact-finding credibility to contribute usefully to these discussions.

B’Tselem represents a narrow ideological sector of Israeli society and is funded primarily by European governments. Its appearance at the UN Security Council will not advance human rights or promote peace.