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"Canada’s former justice minister last week called on the international community to exercise its ‘responsibility to prevent’ genocide by taking a host of measures against the government of Iran, including strengthened sanctions and legal actions against the country’s president. Irwin Cotler, left, released a 79-page petition that set out in detail breaches by Iran of the Genocide Convention sufficient to warrant legal actions against the Mideast state. ‘There’s a toxic combination of the nuclear and the genocidal,’ coupled with repeated threats to annihilate Israel, Cotler said in a telephone interview from Israel. Cotler, who has served as federal justice minister and attorney general, was in Jerusalem last week to present the petition during a conference marking the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He was keynote speaker at the event, which was sponsored by Bar-Ilan University, NGOMonitor and the Global Law Forum – Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs."