David Gerald Littman Memorial Fellowship

NGO Monitor is now accepting applications for the David Gerald Littman Memorial Fellowship, under the mentorship of Gerald M. Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor professor of political science at Bar Ilan University.

The Fellowship is a year-long (beginning April 1, 2015) paid position in NGO Monitor’s Jerusalem offices, to support an outstanding and passionate young leader interested in a career in Israel advocacy and policy in the non-profit sector.

Applications are due March 1, 2015.


  • The Fellow will work full-time at NGO Monitor, and receive increasing and substantial levels of responsibility within the organization.
  • The Fellowship runs for 12-months, during which the Fellow will be paid a stipend for the term of service
  • Skills training forms a key part of the Fellowship program. The Fellow is required to prepare for and participate in a number of academic seminars during the year, under the tutelage of Prof. Steinberg.


Strong academic background, preferably in political science, international relations, law, or human rights; and strong research, writing, and analytic skills.

Interested candidates should submit a CV and an academic writing sample to fellowship@ngo-monitor.org.

About David Gerald Littman

David Gerald Littman chose a life of idealistic struggles rather than a peaceful one. From childhood till his death he was proud of his Jewish inheritance, quoting often the Bible that he knew well. After university, his generous heart incited him to propose himself for any mission on behalf of persecuted Jews. In 1961 he undertook on a voluntarily base to participate in a rescue mission to bring Morocco Jewish children to Israel at a time when Moroccan Jews were forbidden to emigrate. With the team of clandestine workers involved in this dangerous operation, he organized the safe alya of 530 Jewish children. The mission was called Mural, his own code name.

As an NGO representative, David Littman actively opposed the vicious war against the state of Israel conducted in the international forum of the United Nations Human Rights Council (Geneva). He also denounced the persecution of women, of Christians and other religious minorities, putting his knowledge and capacities in defending the weak. He had an encyclopedic memory and a wide culture. His openness to everyone, even his enemies, attracted him many friends. He also helped organizations for the rehabilitation of mentally handicapped. He was a family man, loving husband, and an affectionate father and grandfather.