"Monday, April 14, 2008: Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement appealed yesterday to Israel’s Defense Minister to restore fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip via Nahal Oz, the only crossing through which Israel permits Gaza residents to purchase fuel. Nahal Oz has been closed since Wednesday, following an attack in which militants from Gaza killed two Israeli civilians working at the crossing."

"According to Gisha’s Director, Sari Bashi: ‘Israel has the right to protect itself against attacks on its civilians. But just as international law forbids deliberately harming Israeli civilians working at Nahal Oz, so it forbids deliberately harming civilians in Gaza, by depriving them of the fuel they need to produce electricity, travel, and run vital services. Israel, which does not permit fuel to enter Gaza except via Nahal Oz, must permit resumption of supply.‘"

See NGO Monitor analysis of these claims.