NGO Monitor’s databases of foreign donations to Israeli NGOs (based on quarterly and annual reports) allows policymakers and the public to view up-to-date data on funding to Israeli NGOs.

All data in the database have been taken directly from the online reporting system of the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits. No changes have been made.

Using the database is relatively simple:

  1. In the database’s default state, when no columns have been filtered, the number at the top of the page highlighted in yellow displays the total amount of funding. You will see all foreign donations sorted according to NGO, with the information regarding the donation listed in columns to the right.
    1. All currency is listed in New Israeli Shekel (NIS).
  2. Every column, or field, that has this icon Filter icon can be filtered by the user to show only selected records. To do so, click on the arrow and a dropdown list of all possible entries will appear. Click on the desired entry to see results for only that selection.
    1. The database will now display only the selected records. The filter icon at the top of the field will now change to display the selected criteria.
    2. The total, highlighted in yellow at the top of the page, will change to reflect the sum of the selected records only.
    3. To undo a selection, simply select the first entry [Filter…], and the table will be reset. The sum will also reset.
  3. If you would like to view records based on more than one criteria, for instance donations from a specific country in a specific year, simply filter each field to reflect your desired results. Again, the yellow sum at the top will now reflect the new selection.
    1. To undo the filter, select the first entry of [Filter] for each field; the database will return to an unfiltered state.