1) Human Rights Watch: U.S. Sent 14 Prisoners to Jordan for Torture. April 8, 2008.

Click here to view HRW’s full report.


2) IRAN: DETAINED STUDENTS MAY FACE TORTURE – Authorities Should Investigate Allegations of Abuse. Human Rights Watch, press release, April 10, 2008.


3) SAUDI ARABIA: CODE FOR OPPRESSION, By Christoph Wilcke, Researcher, Middle East and North Africa Division, and Clarisa Bencomo, Researcher, Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, April 7, 2008.

4) Reviewing Member Country’s Rights Abuses

U.N. to Review Member Country’s Rights Abuses, National Public Radio (NPR), The Bryant Park Project 7:00-8:00 AM, Anchor: Rachel Martin, Interview with Human Rights Watch Advocacy Director in Geneva, Julie de Rivero, April 8, 2008 Tuesday. See the transcriptwhere Julie de Rivero avoids the question of which countries sit on the HRC and refuses to criticize the new Universal Periodic Review process. Meanwhile, human rights activists from the countries concerned were far more honest, as was the HRW rep in New York, Peggy Hicks.