Here is another news release that HRW should have written, but did not: "Iran /Syria: Investigate Alleged Arms Shipment" or "Hezbollah: Examine Claims of Arms Transfer from Iran." But like Iran, Lebanon and Hezbollah, HRW had no comment on the arms shipment that Israel captured, carrying at least 3,000 deadly missiles.

The hundreds of tons of weaponry aboard the Francop ship marks the largest arms seizure in Israel’s history. Many of the containers were labeled ”I.R. (Islamic Republic of) Iran Shipping Lines Group,” while others featured the logo of the Iranian Petroleum Ministry. Cargo certificates showed that the ship departed from an Iranian port and its destination is listed as Syria, from where these weapons, like tens of thousands of missiles before them, would be transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon. (Of course, Syria’s Foreign Minister issued the ritual denials, claiming not only that the ship had no weapons, but that it was headed in the opposite direction – from Syria to Iran).

HRW’s total disregard for and lack of interest in such blatant violations of UN Security Council resolutions is more evidence of the biased agenda, as documented in NGO Monitor reports. It also reinforces HRW founder Robert Bernstein’s accusation (published in the New York Times) that: "Human Rights Watch has lost critical perspective on a conflict in which Israel has been repeatedly attacked by Hamas and Hezbollah… groups… supported by the government of Iran."