“Israel is Responsible for Supplying Hamas students with Textbooks” –  Including Holocaust denial; promotion of attacks on civilians; denying the legitimacy of Israel’s existence?

HRW and Sarah Leah Whitson (head of the Middle East division) have again issued a  ridiculous condemnation against Israel (October 9).  This time, the organization, whose Middle East division is run by radical ideologues, and whose “military expert” is an obsessive collector of Nazi medals (Garlasco, aka Flak 88), repeats the canard that Israel is in violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions for not supplying Gazan school children with pens, textbooks, and paper.

Notwithstanding that international law does not require Israel to supply such materials, and that Egypt could easily supply school supplies to Hamas, what exactly is HRW demanding that Israel provide Hamas’ young charges?

Does HRW demand include providing textbooks that call for denial of the Holocaust? Books that refuse to recognize Israel’s existence or wipe Israel off the map? Educational passages extolling the benefits of martyrdom and how best to murder Israeli civilians?  Or is Israel simply required to provide raw materials, so that Hamas can print it on its own?

If  HRW, including its board members and donors, want to preserve whatever is left of this organization’s reputation, and return to promoting human rights, these propaganda blasts against Israel need to end immediately.

P.S. We’ll save for another time an analysis of the silly claims made by HRW that Israel controls Gaza’s “population registry” (are Israeli officials stationed in Gaza’s hospitals recording births and deaths?) or that economic sanctions (perfectly legal under international law) constitute “collective punishment.”