Amnesty International has been accused of bias and a disproportionate focus on Israel by a Jerusalem-based NGO watchdog on Sunday.

 The criticism came ahead of an expected release of an Amnesty annual report on human rights.

"For many around the world, Amnesty International is considered to be a highly reliable and objective source of information on human rights," Gerald Steinberg, Executive Director of NGO Monitor told Ynetnews.

"However, as NGO Monitor has shown, their clear adoption of one sided political bias, and skewed global views mean Amnesty’s reports and publications need to subject to the same type of independent questioning and analysis as any political or governmental body."

In its analysis of Amnesty International’s activities in 2006, seen by Ynetnews, NGO Monitor said it looked at Amnesty’s "relative emphasis on Israel in comparison to other countries in the Middle East."


The study found that "Amnesty International focused disproportionately on condemnations of Israel, far beyond any reasonable distribution of resources in a region marked by fundamental human rights abuses by many repressive regimes and sources of violence."

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