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The shooting war in Gaza was again accompanied by a massive political and media attack against Israel, with accusations of “war crimes” and “human rights violations” in parallel to the barrages of rockets and missiles.

The weapons and soldiers in the political war are led by the Palestinian and Arab propaganda machine and reinforced by their sympathizers in the media.

In addition, a small but visible number of disgruntled Israelis, with access to a great deal of money, provide an important fig-leaf of legitimacy. Under the guise of human rights groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), they use the façade of moral principles to promote a highly immoral and blatantly anti-Israel agenda, based on double standards and lies.

Among the most active is an NGO calling itself “Breaking the Silence” – supposedly highlighting “the silence” of ordinary Israelis regarding the many “crimes” of the government and army.

As IDF soldiers in Gaza were defending Israel, Breaking the Silence mounted its own blitz. The group’s leaders published no less than 10 attacks on the IDF in leading newspapers in Europe and elsewhere around the world, accusing the IDF of “collective punishment,” causing “unreasonable harm to Gazan civilians,” and “functioning as executioners who have lost respect for human life.”

With the help of its European benefactors, Breaking the Silence will still be fighting the political war against Israel long after the military attacks have ended.