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"Jerusalem-based non-profit organization NGO Monitor has accused Amnesty of tipping off a Palestinian activist about the contents of the document, thereby "timing its report to strengthen the Israel boycott campaign." According to NGO Monitor, Omar Barghouti, a founder of the boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, planned a week ago to include sections of the Amnesty report in a November 1 entitled "water as a tool of apartheid and a means of ethnic cleansing." An NGO Monitor employee said she had first learned about the lecture last week. Amnesty spokesperson Dana Zimmerman said the organization had not shared its report with Barghouti. "I guess this activist got our report exactly the same way NGO monitor got our report," she said. Barghouti confirmed to Haaretz that his lecture would rely on the report, but did not say how he had received it."