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The Christmas week is traditionally a time for anti-Israel forces in Britain to display their wares, often accompanied by theological attacks against the Jewish people and religion. This year, for example, St James’s Church celebrated with a 26-foot replica of the Israeli security barrier (presented as a wall), as part of their Bethlehem Unwrapped festival.

In keeping with the theme of Palestinian victimhood, the main purpose of the barrier — to protect Israelis from mass terror — has been erased. This “festival” is co-sponsored by charities that have exploited the language of morality and human rights to attack Israel for many years, including Amos Trust, Holy Land Trust (HLT), Interpal, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)-UK, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, and War on Want.

In this environment, one might expect that Israelis and Zionists, including those on the left of the political spectrum, would oppose these attacks on moral grounds. However, this is not always the case. One group, Breaking the Silence, (BtS), has announced plans to create a “stronger presence” in the UK. But instead of working against demonization, they are part of the problem, providing a thin veneer of Jewish justification for campaigns that single out Israel by exploiting human rights and other moral claims.