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"On July 1, the Globe and Mail published a major story (1,100 words) by correspondent Patrick Martin on the Arab-Israeli political advocacy NGO group, Mada al-Carmel." "The reality, however, is that Mada’s main activity is to promote anti-Israeli propaganda. Martin could have quoted from Mada’s “Haifa Declaration,” which calls for a “change in the definition of the State of Israel from a Jewish state,” and the implementation of a Palestinian “right of return,” a euphemism for the end of Israel." "In addition to justifying IRDC funding and Mada’s activities, Martin’s article also includes a highly distorted presentation of the role and activities of NGO Monitor, which I head. Our standard letter of inquiry to the IRDC requesting clarification of the published information regarding Mada funding reportedly triggered the Canadian government’s belated review and the subsequent funding cut-off. But in Mada’s version, the process is far more sinister." "The story of the IRDC’s highly problematic funding process for radical NGOs such as Mada al-Carmel is still emerging, and, in addition to the court case, NGO Monitor will soon publish detailed documentation. The Globe and Mail and the rest will then have another opportunity to get the details right."