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"I believe that today, Stork would not issue a statement in support of massacring athletes.  But Stork has merely gone from the highest rung on the anti-Zionist ladder to the next one lower down.  But he is still on the same scale.  He was and remains in the ranks of the anti-Israel Left.  NGO Monitor and Prof. Gerald Steinberg will soon publish a book that analyzes a decade’s worth of HRW publications and the people behind them, including Stork himself.  But Stork is above criticism.  It is possible to assume that he did not bother to study NGO Monitor’s detailed response to the HRW report.  This allows Stork to claim that there were no responses.  This is what he does.  When Steinberg previously issued a biting and substantive criticism, Stork arrogantly responded that he is not at all interested in criticism against him. Israel, in contrast to Stork, takes notice of the criticism against it.  It checks itself.  Not all criticism of Israel deserves to be dismissed.  Israel also makes mistakes.  But Stork is a special personality.  He is both radically anti-Israeli and unwilling to be criticized.  Is it possible to accept the "criticism" of such a man?"