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"An American UN expert on Thursday slammed the appointment of German jurist Christian Tomuschat as chairman of the UN committee responsible for implementing the findings of the Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead, and an Israelbased expert blasted all three of the committee’s members for their affiliation with an “anti-Israel” NGO. In a 2007 interview with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger daily, Tomuschat said, “Israel killed the spiritual leader of Hamas in 2004, Sheikh Yassin, with a missile, killing eight… Targeted killings are as ruthless as the attacks of terrorists.” When asked in the interview if Israel’s targeted killings constitute “state terrorism,” Tomuschat said, “It is very much in that direction.”" "Gerald Steinberg, the head of the human rights watchdog group NGO Monitor, told the Post that the committee’s members are affiliated with the International Commission of Jurists, and the “ICJ has had a long history of anti-Israel bias going back to Jenin [after the IDF’s Operation Defensive Wall in 2002]. Involving ICJ officials in an UN-related commission is another illustration of the link between the UN [Human Rights] Council and ideological NGOs.”"