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"The charge against HRW has been led by the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, which has alleged a pattern of bias in HRW’s reporting on Israel and has pointed to the past pro-Palestinian activism of some of the staffers in the group’s Middle East/North Africa division. Last month, HRW suspended Marc Garlasco, a senior military expert, when it was revealed that he is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia. NGO Monitor has hailed Bernstein’s Times article. “After creating Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein has again done the right thing by publicly condemning its moral bankruptcy,” said NGO Monitor’s president, Gerald Steinberg, in a statement." "Bernstein, for his part, said he intends to keep writing about the issues he raised in his Times opinion article. And he rejects the accusation that his devotion of Israel has led him to compromise his principles. “The easiest way to dispense with an argument is by saying that somebody is either pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian,” Bernstein said. “I’m just going to try and come off as pro-human rights. Simple as that.”"