"[B’Tselem], the controversial non-governmental organization, frequently criticized by groups such as NGO Monitor and CAMERA for distorting the data in its reports by clouding the distinction between combatants and civilians in the Palestinian Authority, receives financial backing from numerous left-wing bodies and individuals, among them the New Israel Fund and the Ford Foundation…"

"[interviewer] ‘How do you respond to critics, such as NGO Monitor and CAMERA, who accuse you of taking the word of individual Palestinians without checking the facts?’

[B’Tselem director] ‘It’s clear to us that we’re working in a very contentious environment and that people would like to claim our facts are not accurate. So we are extremely careful – some would say overly so. In fact, it’s been years since the military has claimed our facts are inaccurate. They would say that maybe we don’t put things in the proper context, or that we don’t give enough weight to security concerns. But they don’t question our research.’"

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