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"The NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based site run by Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University that focuses on the role of humanitarian groups in the Arab-IsraeI conflict, notes that the Mossawa Center was one of 18 co-signers of a letter to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund’s Council on Ethics urging the fund to liquidate investments in “all corporations that support and maintain the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory.” That letter is posted on the website of the Coalition of Women for Peace. Unlike the Mossawa Center, Adalah does not appear on NGO Monitor’s list of organizations involved in the BDS movement. A grantee of the New Israel Fund, the organization is cited by NGO Monitor as an active participant in the Durban 2001 Conference, widely considered by Israel supporters as biased against the Jewish state, where boycotts of Israel were strongly advocated. The site also said Adalah often conflates Palestinian issues with the status of Israeli Arab citizens."