There is something faintly ridiculous about Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s decision that Israel will not participate in the "Durban 2" Conference, a year from now. This is an event that so far lacks a definite date (merely some amorphous point at the beginning of 2009), a fixed venue (it is not even clear on which continent it will take place), and certainly a settled agenda. Even the conference’s name is still under discussion. So what exactly is Israel, and apparently Canada, supposed to be boycotting?


The fact that a major conference on human rights and fighting racism, sponsored by the most important international organization in the world, can turn into a platform dedicated to challenging the legitimacy of the Jewish state and branding Israel as a racist, colonialist leftover means that all the hundreds of advocacy organizations, watchdog groups and research centers dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism have failed dismally.

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