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"Atwood’s mistake was to believe the claims in a Save the Children-UK (STC-UK) publication (Life on the Edge), published in October 2009. In June 2010, STC-UK issued a press release linked to the report, headlined, “Children in West Bank facing worse conditions than in Gaza.” The text included the claim that “Areas of the West Bank under complete Israeli control have plummeted into a humanitarian crisis worse than Gaza.” Such accusations – like others from political NGOs such as HRW and Amnesty international – are highly misleading, but Atwood fell victim to the “halo effect.” STC-UK has a record of using humanitarian frameworks for anti-Israel propaganda, and this is another example. The press release is completely misleading, as the statistics didn’t concern the general condition of West Bank children, but focused on a very small group." "Sadly, Atwood again relied on STC-UK’s false headlines, misleading packaging and double standards. Instead of uncovering and condemning the role of these powerful NGOs in the cynical exploitation of human rights and humanitarian norms, she repeated their biased agendas and propaganda. Atwood isn’t alone in being duped by the NGO halo effect. But given her deep commitment to these principles, instead of joining this mob, she should join those who are exposing this abuse and working to restore the moral foundations of human rights."