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"Naftali Balanson, NGO Monitor’s managing editor, told the Post on the eve of the NIF executive committee meeting that it “offered a chance to hash out the organization’s ‘controversial’ funding. I don’t see how they couldn’t discuss these issues.” However, all the NIF press release said was that the board had decided on a new policy for 2011. “The NIF has attempted to identify itself and its grantees as the sole representatives of Israeli democracy,” Balanson said. “But democracy also means voices from the Right, Left and Center, and, yes, voices that criticize the NIF for funding groups that are involved in demonization campaigns. NIF has waged a smear campaign against NGO Monitor as an organization and [its president] Prof. Gerald Steinberg as an individual, in an attempt to divert attention from the very real concerns about NIF funding practices. This is the polar opposite of the democratic values the NIF purports to champion.”"