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From August 27-29, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes his first visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Guterres’ trip to the region will hopefully serve as an opportunity to improve the UN’s dysfunctional relationship with Israel and establish better cooperation.

…the UN has played a highly destructive part in the region, often fueling the Arab-Israeli conflict and acting as a significant contributor to global antisemitism.

Notably, since taking office in October 2016, Secretary General Guterres has taken important steps to reset Israel’s relationship with the UN, speaking out strongly against the institution’s antisemitism and seeking to implement much needed and long-overdue reforms.

Carrying out these much needed reforms will send a clear message that the “anti-Israel business as usual” at the UN is a thing of the past. By taking these steps, the UN and Israel can restore their relationship and embark on a new era of positive and constructive engagement and cooperation.