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On September 22, the UN marked the 20th anniversary of its infamous Durban Conference and the virulent NGO Forum. There, NGOs launched a campaign, ongoing to this day, to delegitimize Israel through “lawfare,” Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and other forms of political warfare. The anniversary event added to the much-needed discussion about antisemitic attacks on the State of Israel by politicized NGOs that claim to promote human rights and universal values.
For over two decades, NGO Monitor has worked to hold NGO donors and other stakeholders accountable in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We have exposed powerful NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which were complicit in the antisemitism at Durban, for their continued attacks on the Jewish state. The NGO network expends its resources demonizing Israel, at the expense of focusing attention on egregious violations of human rights. And Human Rights Watch leads the immoral campaign exploiting the suffering of South African apartheid to demonize Israel.
We have also highlighted the urgent need for a long-overdue review of how foreign aid has been administered in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through Palestinian NGOs. The absence of transparency and accountability mechanisms, in particular among European donors, has allowed Palestinian NGOs to abuse their mandates and enjoy unfettered access to government allocations. Significant funds have been diverted to terror, antisemitism, and political warfare against Israel.
Notably, NGO Monitor’s research found that, between 2011 to 2019, the European Union alone authorized grants of at least €38 million ($59.5 million) to NGOs linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, an EU and US-designated terror organization.