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In recent years, European taxpayer monies have been used to pay the salaries of convicted terrorists and their families, under the guise of “salaries for Palestinian Authority employees.” They have also funded so-called educational programs where “curriculum” includes incitement to violence against Jews and cultural events that often turn into festivals of hate.

In parallel to the aid provided directly to formal PA institutions, government funding is also provided to NGOs – with stated objectives of promoting peace, human rights, and democracy. Unsurprisingly, however, these funds are also exploited and instead go towards promoting BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) and lawfare campaigns against Israel, as well as glorifying terrorism.

…there is a glimmer of hope that European governments are beginning to understand that money provided for human rights and humanitarian purposes is being misappropriated for corrupt causes. Notably, on March 7, the Swiss Parliament voted to halt funding to NGOs that support terror and that are involved in antisemitism and BDS campaigns against Israel. This decision was based on NGO Monitor’s in-depth research and briefings, which exposed the money trail to the morally-bankrupt NGOs.

Similar discussions to those in Switzerland are taking place in the UK, meaning that there is opportunity for future policy amendments elsewhere in Europe. Israel must continue its strategic dialogues with European government officials in order to curb funding being used for terror, antisemitism, and hatred.