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International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will be observed Saturday, is about remembering the past. But this year it is hard not to think more about the present. The massacre perpetrated by Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups in southern Israel on Oct. 7 was the most brutal attack against Jews since the Holocaust, and a painful reminder that genocidal hatred of the Jews persists.

There is also another, more direct connection that deserves attention — the ever-expanding use of Holocaust terminology to delegitimize Israel. Shockingly, this disturbing phenomenon has been propelled by groups that claim to promote universal human rights.

Since October, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have distorted the memory of the Holocaust to wage political and economic war on Israel, thereby diminishing the scale and severity of the atrocities that were carried out by Nazi Germany. They have labeled Israelis as Nazis, transformed the Star of David into a swastika and held posters at protests in New York and other cities across the globe that read, “Well done Israel. Hitler would be proud.”