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“Humanitarian crisis.” “Immediate cease-fire.”

In countless public statements, news releases and social media messages, the leaders of international nongovernmental organizations and U.N. officials have demanded that Israel call off its invasion of Gaza.

They accuse Israel of violating international law and condemn the United States and other allies for their support of the war against Hamas. This consensus has little room for anything beyond token recognition of Hamas’ atrocities on Oct. 7. Apparently, the slaughter of Israelis and the persistent threat posed by its genocidal neighbors are not high humanitarian priorities.

The NGOs also leave out the central element of the Gaza humanitarian crisis. They fail to mention Hamas’ decades of terrorism targeting Israelis and Jews and the group’s repression of Palestinians. A key part of this, implicating the NGOs, is Hamas’ systematic exploitation and commandeering of aid for terror purposes.

Acknowledging this reality would require the leaders of these NGOs to confront their own culpability in the current humanitarian situation in Gaza.

For years, governments, international NGOs and U.N. agencies have poured billions of dollars of humanitarian aid into Gaza.