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The New York Times continues to present anti-Israel propaganda as news. In the latest example, the paper published a 15-minute video alleging Israeli war crimes during the May conflict in Gaza. The sources called upon by the Times to back up these claims are exclusively members of NGOs known for their hostility to Israel. Not a single genuine expert on either the specifics of the incident in question or international law was used as a source in the Times’s highly misleading and biased report.

One incident from the May 2021 Gaza conflict—one that is sure to factor in UN Human Rights Council and International Criminal Court investigations against Israel—is a May 16 strike that killed 44 people when apartment buildings collapsed in an upscale neighborhood in Gaza. The IDF did not target the buildings. According to The New York Times (NYT), “several Israeli aircraft fired 11 missiles along a 200-yard stretch of Al Wahda Street, aiming to destroy a tunnel and command center beneath it…. But while most of the adjacent buildings remained standing, the Abul Ouf Building collapsed in what the official described as ‘a freak event.’ …When the bombs exploded deep underground, they unexpectedly dislodged the Abul Ouf Building’s foundations.”

This incident was at the center of a major NYT article (“Dreams in the Rubble: An Israeli Airstrike and the 22 Lives Lost,” June 17) and 15-minute video (“Gaza’s Deadly Night: How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People,” June 24). While both feature emotive accounts that emphasize the human tragedy, they also pointedly repeat allegations that the Israeli strikes were in violation of international law: “In a conflict in which both sides are accused of war crimes, the air raid on Al Wahda Street that night stands out for its shocking civilian death toll and for nearly decimating entire families.”